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SDK License

When you want to deploy an augmented reality app with MAXST AR SDK, you should have the license keys issued to you by selecting the license type, and you should enter the keys into the code.

MAXST AR SDK has a total of four license types.

Type Features
Free Watermarked license, non-commercial use only
Pro – One-Time Fee One-time payment, SDK updates not included
Pro - Subscription Yearly subscription, SDK updates included
Enterprise Licenses that support customization through a separate consultation

Detailed pricing information can be found in Pricing.

MAXST AR SDK will work only after you enter the license keys when developing an app. One license is matched with one app ID, and your license key may vary depending on the SDK version that you are using.

You can build sample apps with our Examples(Unity, Android, iOS) sample code. Sample app has an app ID and a trial license key by default.

※ App ID refers to Apple's Bundle ID and Android's Package Name that you enter when distributing the app. Therefore, if the Bundle ID and Package Name are the same, you can distribute the same app via App Store and Google Play, respectively, using one license.

Please refer to License Manager for more information on how to get SDK license keys.

Cloud License

MAXST AR SDK includes a built-in cloud recognition feature. In order to take advantage of Cloud Recognizer, you are required to purchase the Cloud license separately from the SDK license, and enter the issued license key.

There are three types of Cloud licenses.

Type Features
Trial A free trial license, 1,000 times of recognition and 1,000 target images uploadable
Pro Monthly subscription license, 300,000 times of recognition and 10,000 target images uploadable per month
Enterprise License that supports customization through separate consultation

The usage of Cloud licenses can be managed individually at Develop > License Manager > Cloud License.

Cloud licenses have no limit on the number of app IDs that can be linked. Multiple apps can use a single Cloud license and target group.

Please refer to License Manager for more information on how to get Cloud license keys.