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enum  TrackingOption

Public Member Functions

void startTracker (int trackerType)
void setCloudRecognitionSecretIdAndKey (String secretId, String secretKey)
void stopTracker ()
void destroyTracker ()
void addTrackerData (String trackingFileName, boolean isAndroidAssetFile)
void removeTrackerData (String trackingFileName)
void loadTrackerData ()
boolean isTrackerDataLoadCompleted ()
boolean isFusionSupported ()
int getFusionTrackingState ()
void setVocabulary (String filepath, boolean isAndroidAssetFile)
TrackingState updateTrackingState ()
void findSurface ()
void quitFindingSurface ()
void setTrackingOption (TrackingOption option)
SurfaceThumbnail saveSurfaceData (String fileName)
void getWorldPositionFromScreenCoordinate (float[] screenCoord, float[] worldPos)
GuideInfo getGuideInformation ()
void saveFrames ()

Static Public Member Functions

static TrackerManager getInstance ()
static String requestARCoreApk (Activity activity)

Static Public Attributes

static final int TRACKER_TYPE_CODE_SCANNER = 0X01
static final int TRACKER_TYPE_IMAGE = 0X02
static final int TRACKER_TYPE_MARKER = 0X04
static final int TRACKER_TYPE_OBJECT = 0X08
static final int TRACKER_TYPE_INSTANT = 0x20
static final int TRACKER_TYPE_QR_TRACKER = 0x40
static final int TRACKER_TYPE_CLOUD_RECOGNIZER = 0x30
static final int TRACKER_TYPE_IMAGE_FUSION = 0x80
static final int TRACKER_TYPE_OBJECT_FUSION = 0x100
static final int TRACKER_TYPE_QR_FUSION = 0x400
static final int TRACKER_TYPE_MARKER_FUSION = 0x800
static final int TRACKER_TYPE_SPACE = 0x8000
static final int TRACKER_TYPE_INSTANT_FUSION = 0x10000

Detailed Description

Control AR Engine

Member Function Documentation

◆ addTrackerData()

void ( String  trackingFileName,
boolean  isAndroidAssetFile 

Add map file to candidate list.

trackingFileNameabsolute file path if map file is located in sdcard, relative file name path map file is located in assets folder
isAndroidAssetFileflag for notify map file is located in assets folder
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◆ destroyTracker()

void ( )

Remove all tracking data (Map data and tracking result)

◆ findSurface()

void ( )

Start to find the surface of an environment from a camera image (works on Instant Tracker and SLAM)

◆ getFusionTrackingState()

int ( )

Get tracking fusion state.

tracking status 'Success' is 1 or not -1

◆ getGuideInformation()

GuideInfo ( )

Get guide information describing SLAM status (initializing progress, # keyframes, # features and feature position) after the findSurface method has been called

GuideInfo instance

◆ getInstance()

static TrackerManager ( )
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◆ getWorldPositionFromScreenCoordinate()

void ( float[]  screenCoord,
float[]  worldPos 

Get 3d world coordinate corresponding to given 2d screen position

screenCoordscreen touch x, y position
worldPosworld position x, y, z

◆ isFusionSupported()

boolean ( )

Get the device supports Fusion.

true if device supports Fusion

◆ isTrackerDataLoadCompleted()

boolean ( )

Get map files loading state. This is for UI expression.

true if map loading is completed

◆ loadTrackerData()

void ( )

Load map files in candidate list to memory. This method don't block main(UI) thread

◆ quitFindingSurface()

void ( )

Stop to find the surface (works on Instant Tracker and SLAM)

◆ removeTrackerData()

void ( String  trackingFileName)

Remove map file from candidate list.

trackingFileNamemap file name. If set "" (empty) file list will be cleared.

◆ requestARCoreApk()

static String ( Activity  activity)

Get ARCore Support

Explain ARCore is supported.

◆ saveFrames()

void ( )

◆ saveSurfaceData()

SurfaceThumbnail ( String  fileName)

Save the surface data to file (works on only SLAM). A saved file is loaded and used in Object Tracker.

fileNamefile path (should be absolute path)
SurfaceThumbnail instance if true else null

◆ setCloudRecognitionSecretIdAndKey()

void ( String  secretId,
String  secretKey 

Set secret ID and key for access of cloud recognition

secretIdsecret ID
secretKeysecret key

◆ setTrackingOption()

void ( TrackingOption  option)

Set tracking options.

optiontracking option TrackingOption.NORMAL_TRACKING : Normal Tracking (Image Tracker Only, Default Option for Image Tracker) TrackingOption.EXTENDED_TRACKING : Extended Tracking (Image Tracker Only) TrackingOption.MULTI_TRACKING : Multiple Target Tracking (Image Tracker Only) TrackingOption.JITTER_REDUCTION_ACTIVATION : Jitter Reduction Activation (Marker, Image, and Object Tracker) TrackingOption.JITTER_REDUCTION_DEACTIVATION : Jitter Reduction Deactivation (Marker, Image, and Object Tracker, Default Option for Jitter Reduction)
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◆ setVocabulary()

void ( String  filepath,
boolean  isAndroidAssetFile 

Load vocabulary file

filepathvocabulary file path.

◆ startTracker()

void ( int  trackerType)

Start AR engine. Only one tracking engine could be run at one time

trackerTypetracking engine type

◆ stopTracker()

void ( )

Stop tracking engine

◆ updateTrackingState()

TrackingState ( )

Update tracking state. This method should be called before getTrackingResult and background rendering

tracking state

Member Data Documentation


final int = 0x30

Cloud recognizer


final int = 0X01

Code scanner


final int = 0X02

Planar image tracker


final int = 0x80

Planar image fusion tracker


final int = 0x20

Instant tracker


final int = 0x10000

Instant fusion tracker


final int = 0X04

Marker tracker


final int = 0x800

Marker fusion tracker


final int = 0X08

Object tracker (Object data should be created via SLAM tracker)


final int = 0x100

Object fusion tracker (Object data should be created via SLAM tracker)


final int = 0x400

QRCode fusion tracker


final int = 0x40

Qrcode tracker


final int = 0x8000

Space tracker

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