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MAXST AR SDK is an easily operated all-in-one solution with 8 key functions.

  • Instant Tracker
  • Visual SLAM
  • Object Tracker
  • Image Tracker
  • Marker Tracker
  • QR Code Tracker
  • QR/Barcode Reader
  • Cloud Recognizer

MAXST AR SDK provides optimal development environment for augmented reality apps.

  • Fast and robust recognition/tracking performance
  • Multi platform supported: Unity 3D, Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS
  • Easy to implement various visual effects
  • Smart glasses supported: Epson MOVERIO BT-300, 350 and ODG R-7
  • Cloud-based image recognition service
  • Convinient authoring tool app for your AR Project

Made with MAXST AR SDK

MAXST AR SDK is used in various sector.
See the unique apps and games that other developers have created with MAXST AR SDK.

Visual SLAM / Object Tracker


Genesis Virtual Guide

Car manual app that tracks and recognizes 3D engine space. Users can get visualized car maintenance information.

Google Play App Store
Image Tracker



AR platform app that users can create AR contents and share with other users instantly.

Google Play
Marker Tracker



Art gallery brand app that tracks and recognizes marker and augment art description.

Google Play
Instant Tracker



Messanger app that users can place AR content on plane to take a selfie.

Google Play

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