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MAXST AR SDK6.0. which has become more powerful with the addition of Space Tracker,
provides MAXSCAN app for free that can create and manage spatial maps and expands support for AR glasses.
Now, with the MAXST AR SDK, you can put AR contents onto real world precisely and easily.

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MAXST AR SDK is used in various sector.
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Cloud Recognizer


Magong App

An educational AR app that augments related 3D contents when users scan the specific page of comic books

Google Play App Store
Image Tracker


inspectAR PCB Tools

An AR Platform app that augments components and layers by tracking images.

Google Play App Store
Marker Tracker



Art gallery brand app that tracks and recognizes marker and augment art description.

Google Play
Visual SLAM / Object Tracker


Genesis Virtual Guide

Car manual app that tracks and recognizes 3D engine space. Users can get visualized car maintenance information.

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· Version 6.1.0 improves the RECOGNITION performance of Object/Object Fusion Tracker and Space Tracker.

· The map DATA PACKAGING technology allows us to recognize a larger number of targets than before and provides faster data loading speeds.

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