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With powerful performance and light processing overhead at a reasonable price, MAXST AR SDK will make the best choice for your AR project.
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5 Key Functions

Image Tracker

Even in various challenging conditions such as fast camera movement, partial covering of the image target and zoom-in-out, the digital overlay stays in place robustly without jittering. Extended tracking and Multi-target tracking are supported. You can track the target as far as the camera can see it and can also track up to 3 images at the same time. Build your immersive AR experience using various kinds of items such as 3D models, 3D animations and videos including transparent ones.

Instant Tracker

This plane-seeking engine instantly finds out a horizontal plane in the scene presented by the camera and enables you to track and place digital objects in relation to the plane. You can empower your app to augment any random space without any pre-prepared targets or maps. The powerful algorithm based on VIO(Visual Inertial Odometry) works well in featureless plane and continuously keeps track of the camera move and thus helps digital overlays stay in place even when they are out of the camera view.

Visual SLAM

MAXST Visual SLAM is optimized for mobile uses and works great on most devices with just a single RGB camera. You can map and track the surroundings at the same time. And the map is automatically extended beyond the first view along with the move of the camera. You can save maps for later uses. Try a more exquisite AR project with MAXST Visual SLAM.

Object Tracker

With Object Tracker you can load up map files created and saved with Visual SLAM and render 3D objects wherever you like on it to create more immersive AR experiences.

QR/Barcode Scanner

Empower your app to read QR code and barcode. An open-source library, zxing-cpp is used.


6 Key Features

Quick and Powerful Performance

The algorithm is optimized for mobile uses to ensure fast and robust recognition/tracking performance. The SIMD parallel processing method helps to accelerate operations and to lower the memory footprint so that the engine can work well even on low-end devices with less resources.

All-in-one Solution

MAXST AR SDK combines 5 AR capabilities. Choose one that best fits your AR project and bring your AR imagination to life.

Multi-platform Support

A wide array of platforms including Android, iOS, Mac OS and Windows are supported. You can choose Unity plug-in formats, too.

Easy to Implement Various Visual Effects

You can bring in static 3D models, 3D animations, and videos as well as 2D images to lay on image targets. The occlusion empowers you to design more immersive and realistic AR experiences.

Camera Interface Control

If you want to implement augmented reality functions in apps using the camera, you can still use your camera interface without any additional modification of the codes. (Enterprise License Only)

Smart Glasses Support

MAXST AR SDK supports the calibration tool for various wearable smart glasses such as Epson Moverio, ODG etc. The calibration process allows every user to get his own personalized profile and to fine-tune the displays to have more immersive AR experiences.

Made with MAXST AR SDK

Use Case

The Genesis Virtual Guide

Genesis Virtual Guide is a modern take on the traditional owner’s manual, providing convenient, simple ways to become familiar with full vehicle capabilities. Virtual Guide uses advanced augmented reality to display key information about various components and features of the luxury sedan. Among the various functions, it’s the engine room part where MAXST AR SDK proves its real worth. If a user opens the Genesis Virtual Guide and holds the smartphone over the engine bay, the app brings up a digital overlay that provides how-to information on maintenance for each crucial part. MAXST AR SDK’s Visual SLAM and Object Tracker were used in scanning and mapping the 3-dimensional structure of the engine bay and putting the digital overlays right in place in exact alignment with real engine parts.

Make your imagination REAL with MAXST AR SDK