Terms of Use

MAXST Service Terms of Use

Article 1 (Purpose)
The purpose of this agreement is to stipulate the rights, obligations, responsibilities, and procedures for the use of services (hereinafter referred to as "Services") provided through the websites operated by MAXST Corporation (hereinafter referred to as the "Company"). This agreement governs matters related to the rights and obligations of the Company and members (as defined in Article 2) in connection with the Services provided through the internet sites (hereinafter referred to as the "Sites") operated by the Company.

Article 2 (Definitions)
(1) The definitions of terms used in this agreement are as follows:

  1. "Site" (as of December 2019): Refers to the website operated by the "Company," which is https://developer.maxst.com.
  2. Member: Refers to an individual who provides personal information to the "Company," completes membership registration, enters into a service usage agreement with the "Company" according to this agreement, and is assigned an ID.
  3. ID (Username): Refers to the electronic mail address (hereinafter referred to as "email address") selected by the "member" for identification and service usage, which has been approved by the "Company."
  4. Password: Refers to a combination of alphanumeric characters selected and registered by the "member" to confirm identity and protect the rights and confidentiality of the "member."
  5. "Service": Refers to the internet site provided by the "Company" through the AR/VR/XR SDK and “development support tools” to facilitate spatial scanning, data conversion and extraction, AR content placement, augmented content testing features, as well as the ability to upload, manage, and download data.
  6. "Development Support Tool": Refers to programs supported for the smooth development of the "member." You can check the "Development Support Tool" through the following link: https://developer.maxst.com/MD/downloadtools.
  7. Posting: Refers to symbols, characters, writings, photos, etc., posted by the "member" on the "site" in the course of using the "service."

(2) Terms not defined in this agreement shall be governed by the relevant laws and regulations.

Article 3 (Specification, Explanation, and Amendment of the Agreement)
(1) The "Company" shall post the contents of this agreement on the initial "service" screen of the "site" so that the "member" can be informed. However, the detailed content of this agreement can be viewed by the "member" through a linked screen.
(2) Within the scope not violating relevant laws and regulations such as the Act on the Regulation of Terms and Conditions, Electronic Commerce Basic Act, Electronic Signature Act, Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, Consumer Protection Act in Electronic Commerce, Consumer Protection Act, Act on the Protection and Use of Location Information, the "Company" may amend this agreement.
(3) In the event of amending the agreement, the "Company" shall notify the "member" through email at least seven days before the effective date of the amendment, specifying the effective date and the reason for the amendment.
(4) If the "member" continues to use the "service" after the announced effective date, it shall be deemed that the "member" agrees to the amended agreement. A "member" who does not agree to the amended agreement may freely terminate the service usage agreement at any time.
(5) Matters not stipulated in this agreement and the interpretation of this agreement shall be governed by the guidelines for consumer protection in electronic commerce and relevant laws and regulations established by the government.

Article 4 (Formation of the Service Usage Agreement)
(1) The service usage agreement is formed by the agreement of the "member" and the acceptance of the membership registration by the "company."
(2) The time of formation of the service usage agreement is when the "company" displays the completion of registration in the application process.

Article 5 (Application for Use and Acceptance)
(1) The "member" applies for membership by entering the membership information according to the application form provided by the "company" and expressing their intention to agree to this agreement.
(2) The "company" may not approve the following applications for use or may terminate the service agreement later:

  1. In case of an already registered "member" with the same email address.
  2. In case the "service" is intended to be used for fraudulent purposes or for the purpose of pursuing profit.
  3. In case of applying with the intention to violate related laws or to hinder social order, public morals, or decency.
  4. In case there is no available capacity in the equipment due to the operation of the "service" by the "company" or there is a technical hindrance. However, in this case, approval may be withheld until the reason is resolved. 5.In case of any violation of this agreement, or if the application is determined to be illegal or unfair by the "company" in its reasonable judgment.

Article 6 (Service Usage Hours)
The use of the "service" is generally available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, throughout the year, unless there are special business or technical constraints for the "company." However, designated days or times determined by the "company" for regular inspections or other necessary reasons are excluded from this principle.

Article 7 (Obligations Regarding Member's ID and Password)
(1) The responsibility for managing the "ID" and "password" lies with the "member," and the "member" is solely responsible for any civil or criminal liability arising from negligence in managing them.
(2) The "member" must not allow a third party to use their "ID" and "password."
(3) If the "member" realizes that their "ID" and "password" have been stolen or are being used by a third party, they must immediately notify the "company" and follow the company's instructions if any action is required.
(4) The "member" is solely responsible for any disadvantages arising from the failure to notify as per the previous clause or for not complying with the "company's" instructions.

Article 8 (Member's Obligations)
(1) The "member" must comply with relevant laws and regulations, the provisions of this agreement, and any notices provided by the "company," and must not engage in any acts that interfere with the business of the "company."
(2) In connection with the use of the "service," the "member" must not engage in the following actions:

  1. Providing false information when applying for or modifying the "service."
  2. Unauthorized alteration of information posted by the "company."
  3. Transmitting or posting information (including computer programs) other than the information specified by the "company."
  4. Infringing upon the copyright or other intellectual property rights of the "company" or third parties.
  5. Damaging the reputation of the "company" or third parties, or interfering with business activities.
  6. Posting or publishing obscene or violent messages, videos, audio, or other information that goes against public order and morals on the "site."
  7. Failure to fulfill the obligations of the "member." 8, Any other actions that violate relevant laws or regulations set by the "company."

Article 9 (Company's Responsibilities)
(1) The "company" must not engage in actions prohibited by relevant laws, this agreement, or acts contrary to public order and morals, and must make every effort to provide the "service" continuously and stably in accordance with the provisions of this agreement.
(2) The "company" must establish a security system to protect the personal information of the "member" and disclose and adhere to a privacy policy to ensure the safe use of the "service" by the "member."

Article 10 (Provision of Information)
(1) The "company" may provide various information related to the use of the "service" to the "member" via email, and the "member" may refuse to receive such information. However, the "company" may provide essential information required for the use of the "service" (e.g., changes to related regulations/policies) regardless of the "member's" refusal to receive it.

Article 11 (Notification to Members)
(1) In the event that the "company" notifies a "member," it may do so through the email address submitted by the "member" during the registration process.
(2) When the "company" needs to notify a large number of "members" collectively, it may fulfill this obligation by posting the notification on the "site" for a period of one week or longer, thereby substituting for individual notifications.

Article 12 (Management of Postings)
(1) The "company" may take measures such as deleting or restricting access to a posting without prior notice if the posting falls under any of the following:

  1. Infringes upon the rights, honor, credit, or other legitimate interests of others. 2.. Contains content that violates public order and morals.
  2. Contains content related to criminal activities.
  3. Infringes upon the copyright of the "company" or third parties, or violates other rights.
  4. Posts, advertises, or links to illegal materials, obscene materials, or materials harmful to juveniles.
  5. Posts commercial advertisements or promotional content without prior approval from the "company" or posts links to other sites without permission.
  6. Impedes the business of the "company" by falsely presenting facts as true or by refusing the "company's" request for confirmation of facts more than twice.
  7. Is deemed to interfere with the smooth progress of the "company's" services or other business operations.
  8. Violates this agreement or relevant laws and regulations.

(2) If the "company" is required to pay damages to a third party due to postings falling under the provisions of the previous paragraph (regardless of mediation, judgment, civil, or criminal matters), the "member" at fault must immediately reimburse the "company" an equivalent amount upon the "company" making such payment to the third party.

Article 13 (Copyright and Usage License)
(1) The copyright of the "postings" created by the "member" belongs to the "member" who created them, and the "member" is responsible if the "postings" infringe on the copyright of others.
(2) The "company" provides the "service" under the assumption that it has obtained the usage rights from the copyright holders within the necessary scope.
(3) The "member" must not engage in acts that infringe upon the copyright of the copyright holder while using the "service" provided by the "company."
(4) In the event that the "member" engages in copyright infringement, the "company" may restrict the "member's" use of the "service" or terminate the service agreement.
(5) The original data, which is the data before transformation by digitizing real-world data, is considered to have usage rights granted by the original author. The rights are subject to the contractual scope agreed upon between the original author and the "member."
(6) The copyright and ownership of the transformed data, known as "converted data," which is processed through algorithms and spatial computing technology to extract the unique features of the original data, belong to the "company." The "company" grants the "member" a non-transferable, non-exclusive, and personal usage license that cannot be transferred.
(7) The copyright and ownership of processed data, known as "processed data," which includes content implemented by the "member," belong to the "member." The "member" grants the "company" a royalty-free usage license.

Article 14 (Suspension of Service Provision)
(1) The "company" may suspend the provision of the "service" under the following circumstances:

  1. When unavoidable due to maintenance or construction work on the equipment for the "service."
  2. When a telecommunications service provider designated under the Telecommunications Business Act suspends the telecommunications "service" for a specified period.
  3. In cases of other unavoidable circumstances of force majeure. (2) In the event of a national emergency, power outage, failure of "service" facilities, or a surge in the use of the "service" causing disruptions to normal "service" usage, the "company" may restrict or suspend all or part of the "service."

Article 15 (Termination of Service Agreement)
(1) Termination by Member: A "member" may terminate the service agreement at any time through the "site." A "member" who has terminated the agreement according to the preceding clause may rejoin as a "member" in accordance with the rules set by the "company."
(2) Termination by Company: The "company" may terminate the service agreement if any of the following reasons apply, and the retention of information about the terminated "member" shall be governed by the privacy policy:

  1. If there is a refusal reason under Article 6, Paragraph 3.
  2. If the "member" engages in actions or attempts that infringe upon the rights, honor, credit, or other legitimate interests of the "company," other "members," or third parties, or violates the laws of the Republic of Korea or public order and morals.
  3. If the "member" engages in or attempts to interfere with the smooth progress of the "service" provided by the "company."
  4. If the "company" deems it necessary to refuse the provision of the "service" for other rational reasons. The service agreement terminates at the time the "company" notifies the "member" of the termination. In this case, the "company" shall notify the termination through the email registered by the "member." (3) Deletion of Content: In the event of the termination of the service agreement, all content posted by the "member" will be deleted. (4) Liability for Damages: Any damages arising from the termination of the service agreement are the responsibility of the terminated "member," and the "company" shall not be liable for any damages.

Article 16 (Ownership of Copyright and Restrictions on Use)
(1) Ownership of Intellectual Property: The copyrights, patents, trademarks, and other intellectual property rights of the works created by the "company" belong to the "company."
(2) Restrictions on Use: Without prior consent from the "company," a "member" must not reproduce, transmit, publish, distribute, broadcast, or otherwise use the information obtained through the "service" in a manner that allows use by third parties as a result of using the "service."

Article 17 (Protection of Personal Information)
(1) Compliance with Laws: The "company" complies with the relevant laws, including the Information and Communications Network Act and the Personal Information Protection Act, to protect the personal information of "members." The protection and use of personal information are subject to applicable laws and the "company's" privacy policy.
(2) Privacy Policy: The "company" establishes a privacy policy for the protection of "members'" personal information and posts it on the initial screen of the "service." However, the detailed contents of the privacy policy can be viewed through a linked screen.
(3) Use and Provision of Information: The "company" shall not use the information provided by the "member" for purposes other than operating the "service" or provide it to third parties without the consent of the "member." However, exceptions may apply in the following cases:

  1. When the use of member information and the provision to third parties are allowed by law.
  2. When the "company" obtains the consent of the "member" in accordance with the "company's" terms and policies.

Article 18 (Record Retention)
(1) In accordance with the Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc., the "company" retains records related to the following items for the period specified by law:

  1. Records of the usage agreement, withdrawal of offer, etc.

Article 19 (Disclaimer)
(1) In the event that the "company" is unable to provide the "service" due to force majeure or events equivalent thereto, the responsibility for providing the "service" is exempted.
(2) The "company" is not responsible for obstacles in the use of the "service" caused by the "member's" attributable reasons.
(3) The "company" is not responsible for the loss of expected profits that the "member" may anticipate from using the "service," and disclaims liability for damages incurred from other data obtained through the "service."
(4) The "company" is not responsible for transactions or interactions between "members" or between a "member" and a third party mediated through the "service."

Article 20 (Dispute Resolution)
(1) The "company" establishes and operates a dispute resolution body to reflect reasonable opinions or complaints raised by "members" and compensate for damages.
(2) The "company" prioritizes the handling of complaints and opinions raised by "members." However, if prompt resolution is difficult, the "company" immediately informs the "member" of the reasons and the expected resolution schedule.

Article 21 (Governing Law and Jurisdiction)
(1) This agreement is governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Korea regarding disputes between the "company" and "members".
(2) Lawsuits arising between the "company" and "members" during the use of the "service" shall be filed with the Seoul Central District Court.

Transitional Provisions

  1. This agreement is effective from December 19, 2023.
  2. The previous terms of service(December 2, 2019).