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Camera issues when switching to Face
Posted Date: 2020-09-22 6:18     Edited Date: 2020-09-23 22:46     Writer: inactive

Please provide your development details as below;

1. SDK Version: 5.0.2
2. Development Environment: Unity-Android, Unity-iOS
3. Tracker/Scanner: ImageTracker
4. License Type: Free
5. Target Device(Optional):Android Galaxy S8

Im considering switching from Vuforia to Maxst for the Rear and Face camera, I'm testing out the sdk on Android and came across some issues (I havent tested iOS yet).

  1. I added a button to switch from rear camera to face camera using ChangeCameraPosition() and FlipVertical(). If I press the button the camera switches correctly. But if I press the button while an image is being tracked the app crashes. This is a link to a  screen recording of to the app tracking correctly and crashing when the button is pressed  and a screenshot of the button setup in unity.
  2. Rear tracking works correctly when the app is started. Switching the camera to Face causes tracking issues and switching the camera back to Rear also causes tracking issues, the videoclip becomes larger and the tracking doesnt match up correctly. Below is a link to a screen recording of the tracking problem when the camera was switched

  3. When the app was moved to the background and brought back to the foreground the Face camera would be upside down. I changed  the else statement in the OnApplicationPause to fix it. It works, just want to make sure this is the correct way to go about it.

Please advise. Thanks in advance

Posted Date: 2020-09-22 7:11     Edited Date: 2020-09-22 9:17     Writer: sjkim

Thanks for your interest to our MAXST AR SDK.


First of all, we are sorry for the inconvenience.

We will answer your questions in order.


1. This is a bug we didn't know about. We will fix the bug.

2. What is your intention to question. Are you saying that the video isn't augmented in the place you want?

3. Does it come out correctly when the camera is looking at the background?


If you have other questions, feel free to questions us.



Best regards


MAXST Support Team

Posted Date: 2020-09-22 10:55     Edited Date: 2020-09-22 10:55     Writer: chjee

 First of all, we are sorry for the inconvenience.
1. This is a memory issue. Since it is not common to change cameras while augmenting, we are not sure whether we will fix this issue. However, you can fix this issue by code below. ( Use this function as callback. Warning : double check your tracker type. - TrackerManager.TRACKER_TYPE_IMAGE )

    public void CustomFunction(){








2. This is because FOVs of front & rear cams are different. Thank you for your report about this issue. We will get right into it.

3. This is a common issue while using the face camera of android devices. We thought we removed every exception until now, which turned out to be simply not true. Again, thank you for your report.

However, it might take more than a couple of weeks to fix these bugs. One of Our key personnel is on the wedding vacation, so your patience will be much appreciated. Please understand us.
If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.


Best Regards,


MAXST Support Team

Posted Date: 2020-09-23 22:46     Edited Date: 2020-09-23 22:46     Writer: inactive

1. Thank you. I implemented the custom function you provided and it worked.

2. It also seems that the custom function has helped a little with the FOV issue. It still needs work but it appears much better than before and the custom function was the only change i made.

3. I appreciate the rapid response. I will check back at a later date for updates on these specific bug fixes.