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[Question] What is the max range of image fushion tracking ??
Posted Date: 2021-02-18 15:06     Edited Date: 2021-02-19 3:00     Writer: lllll4lllll4l

Please provide your development details as below;

1. SDK Version:
2. Development Environment: (eg. Unity-Android, Unity-iOS, Native Android, Native iOS)
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So , I was testing the max range that user still can see/enage "the image generated object" , while walking beyond around 10 meters the object disapears(cant see) . IS it depends on mobile device capability or something techincal ?? THX for your reply

Posted Date: 2021-02-19 2:59     Edited Date: 2021-02-19 3:00     Writer: sjkim

Thank you for your interest in MAXST AR SDK.


Yes, The performance of AR Fusion Tracker may vary by device performance.


Also,  AR Fusion Tracker is a tracker that is based on the existing MAXST AR Tracker and add

the powerful tracking functions of the ARKit and ARCore.

If the camera recognizes a target image or space, a coordinate system is formed with the target as the reference.

And, the contents are tracked even when the target is out of view.



If you have related AR SDK questions, feel free to ask.



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