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how can I fix the 3D object in Image track
Posted Date: 2021-07-08 12:53     Edited Date: 2021-07-16 6:36     Writer: sekmanimohamedamine52

Please provide your development details as below;

1. SDK Version:5.0.4
2. Development Environment: Unty2018
3. Tracker/Scanner:Image tracker
4. License Type(Free / Pro-One Time Fee / Pro-Subscription / Enterprise):Free
5. Target Device(Optional):Samsung galaxy A71

I want to track many image so I put this line of code in my script:


But the problem that the process can't show me 3D object for many images at the same time, so is not able to detect many images at the same time, and finally my question is: is it possible to fix the 3D object after detection so when I change my phone position the object still , and then point my phone to other image and so on ?

Posted Date: 2021-07-15 0:39     Edited Date: 2021-07-15 0:39     Writer: sjkim

Thank you for your interest in MAXST.


First, Sorry to late reply.


Image Tracker can possible to recognize and track up to "three target images" at the same time.

Also, Multiple tracking of target images within the camera radius is possible.


If you have related the MAXST SDK questions, feel free to ask.


Best regards,


MAXST Support Team

Posted Date: 2021-07-15 20:15     Edited Date: 2021-07-15 20:15     Writer: sekmanimohamedamine52

How to fix object above Image Tracker ?


Best regards,

Mohamed amine

Posted Date: 2021-07-16 6:35     Edited Date: 2021-07-16 6:36     Writer: sjkim

The jitter problem can be improved somewhat with the jitter reduction option.



Please refer to link(Change Tracking Mode part) blow.



Best regards,


MAXST Support Team