How can we 1) track a predifined pattern 2) colorize it ? (or add a more fancy colorization)
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I would to obtain this:

Is it possible to make it with Maxst, and if it is, how would we make it ?


Thank you



Posted Date: 2022-11-14 8:34     Edited Date: 2022-11-14 8:34     Writer: sjkim

Thank you for your interest in MAXST AR SDK.


Yes, This is possible with the Image Tracker of the MAXST AR SDK.


MAXST AR SDK Image Tracker empowers your app to track image targets robustly even under challenging conditions

as fast camera movement or partial covering of targets.

In Extended Tracking Mode, the camera can track as far as it can see. Also, you can track up to 3 images at the same time in Multi Tracking Mode.


Please refer to the bottom tutorial link


If you have related the MAXST AR SDK questions, feel free to ask.


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