AR camera problem
Posted Date: 2017-12-12 22:49     Edited Date: 2019-07-25 8:29     Writer: inactive


I can't seem to get a live webcam preview when i press play in maxst latest version and unity version 2017.2.1. I posted my license key under the ar camera prefab and when I press play in unity all I get is the object trackable with a black background, no live webcam preview so I can test to see if the augmentation I created will be there on top of my object (in this case a piano keyboard). Thank you very much.


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Thanks for using our sdk.

When testing in unity editor mode, you don't need license key.

Could you please give us more information of your environment for reproducing same issue?

1. Operating system : Windows or Mac

2. Operating system version

3. ARCamera configuration screen shot image

- Maxst support team


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Thanks a lot for your reply. To answer your questions,

1. I'm using Windows

2. Windows 10 pro

3. Attached are some screenshots of my ARCamera configuration

thank you

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Thanks for your precise explanation.

Your unity program has ARCamera and ObjectTrackable in hierachy view and we guess you didn't start camera device.

Please refer to ObjectTrackerSample.cs in MaxstARSamples/scripts directory.

You may find CameraDevice.GetInstance().Start() function.

Our sdk offers camera device start/stop control to developer.


- Maxst support team


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Thanks for the quick reply again. I found CameraDevice.GetInstance().StartCamera() function in ObjectTrackerSample.cs. But how do I start my camera device exactly? Sorry for such a beginner question but I'm new to Unity and your sdk. Thanks a lot.

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It's very simple.

Just add empty game object in hierachy view and add ObjectTrackerSample.cs to it.

And press play button.

If camera works fine, then look into our sample source code.


- Maxst support team

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Awesome, the camera works just fine. I'll experiment more tomorrow and if I have a question it'd be great if you could help me out again. Thanks so much for your help, you were extremely helpful.

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It's great you've got good result.

Yes, If you remain your questions in this forum we can give you our best effots.

- Maxst support team

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Hi again,

Now that I have the camera working, how exactly do I see the augmentation (in my case the green cube), on top of the object trackable (the keyboard) when testing on my android phone? Do I make the object trackable a child of the ARCamera? Do I put ObjectTrackerSample.cs on top of ARCamera or something? Thank you very much.

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Have you run ImagTracker scene? We recomment ImageTracker sample to learn our sdk's basic function.

ObjectTracker sample is a little bit difficult than ImageTracker sample.

Trackable's position in hierachy has no meaning.


- Maxst support team

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Hi there,

I have the same problem, no live cam preview. In the hierachy I double click in Scene Manager on the script ObjectTrackerSample.cs, but I do not see CameraDevice.GetInstance().StartCamera() function. The only function related to the camera is as follows:Please advise me how to get the phone camera running.

I run:


Unity 2019.1.0f2

Unity Remote 5 for the Samsung Note 8 phone


Thank you,


Posted Date: 2019-07-25 8:29     Edited Date: 2019-07-25 8:29     Writer: inactive

Hi again,

Another thing I noticed is that in the camera settings there is no option for Webcam Type.

Thank you for your support,