Object Tracker Crash Issue
Posted Date: 2023-05-24 15:08     Edited Date: 2023-05-25 7:22     Writer: dave.m.moore

1. SDK Version: 6.0.0
2. Development Environment: Unity Windows
3. Tracker/Scanner: Object Tracker Example
4. License Type(Free / Pro-One Time Fee / Pro-Subscription / Enterprise): Free/Trial 
5. Target Device(Optional): Windows 10

Unity version : 2021.3.16f1

Hi. I have been trying to the run the Object Tracker Sample in Unity. I have created a object map (.3dmap file) and dragged this into the Object Tracker Behaviour component. However, when I press the 'Load' button, Unity crashes - this seems completely repeatable. Other samples (like the Image Tracking) seem to work fine.

Could you give some ideas concerning this crash please? I note that there doesn;t seem to be an 3dmap samples in the Sample directories.

Thanks for any pointers,




Posted Date: 2023-05-24 15:51     Edited Date: 2023-05-24 15:51     Writer: dave.m.moore

Crash dump from Unity as follows:

0x0000024fb00dbeca (Mono JIT Code) (wrapper managed-to-native) maxstAR.NativeAPI:maxst_MapViewer_getImage (int,byte&)

0x0000024fb00dbd63 (Mono JIT Code) [MapViewer.cs:68] maxstAR.MapViewer:GetImage (int,byte&)

0x0000024fb00db853 (Mono JIT Code) [AbstractMapViewerBehaviour.cs:229] maxstAR.AbstractMapViewerBehaviour:GetCameraTexture (int,int,int)

0x0000024fae0cbe93 (Mono JIT Code) [AbstractMapViewerBehaviour.cs:185] maxstAR.AbstractMapViewerBehaviour:ReadMap (string,single)

0x0000024fae0ca533 (Mono JIT Code) [AbstractMapViewerBehaviour.cs:100] maxstAR.AbstractMapViewerBehaviour:Load (string,single)


Posted Date: 2023-05-25 6:11     Edited Date: 2023-05-25 6:11     Writer: admin

Thank you for your interest in MAXST AR SDK.

Thank you for bringing the bug in our SDK to our attention. We greatly appreciate your feedback and are committed to providing the best possible experience for our users.

We have thoroughly investigated the issue you reported, and I'm pleased to inform you that we have identified the cause and developed a solution for it. The bug will be addressed in the upcoming update, version 6.0.1, which is scheduled to be released soon.

We genuinely appreciate your patience and understanding while we worked on resolving this issue. Your feedback has been invaluable in helping us enhance the quality of our SDK. If you have any further questions or encounter any other concerns, please don't hesitate to let us know. We are always here to assist you.

Thank you again for your support and for bringing this matter to our attention.

Best regards,


MAXST Support Team

Posted Date: 2023-05-25 7:22     Edited Date: 2023-05-25 7:22     Writer: dave.m.moore

Hi. Thanks for your response. Unfortunately, I am in the process of assessing MAXST for future work. Unless I am able to confirm and investigate the Object Tracking capability then I will have to dismiss MAXST in favour of alternatives. Therefore, I have the following questions:

1). You say that the bug will be addressed in version 6.0.1. When will this be released?

2). Is it possible to go back to a previous version of MAXST to avoid this bug or has it always been there?