How to use "QR code tracker" with MRTK camera or custom camera
Posted Date: 2023-07-19 10:18     Edited Date: 2023-08-01 15:05     Writer: inactive

Please provide your development details as below;

1. SDK Version: 6.0.1
2. Development Environment:  Unity 2020.3.20f1 (Android & iOS)
3. Tracker/Scanner: QR Code Tracker
4. License Type(Free / Pro-One Time Fee / Pro-Subscription / Enterprise): Free
5. Target Device(Optional): 

Dear Team,

We are impressed with QR code tarcker feature and its works perfectly with sample scenes in Android and iOS.

But we have a problem in implimentation. We are using MRTK Camera. How can we use ARCamera prefab features in my own camera (MRTK camera). or Is it possible add  "QR code tracker" to custom camera instead of using Maxst AR Camera. 

Thank you for your help.  If this works for us are ready to buy licened version.

Posted Date: 2023-07-30 15:06     Edited Date: 2023-07-30 15:06     Writer: inactive

No replay .Its nore than two weeks

Posted Date: 2023-07-31 3:04     Edited Date: 2023-07-31 3:04     Writer: sejin

Thank you for your interest in MAXST AR SDK.

I apologize for the delay in responding.


You can use the "CameraDevice.GetInstance().SetNewFrame" function to put an image buffer directly.

The videotracker example should help you implement it.


If you have related the MAXST AR SDK questions, feel free to ask.

Best regards,


MAXST Support Team


Posted Date: 2023-08-01 15:04     Edited Date: 2023-08-01 15:05     Writer: inactive

Hi Team,

I am finding very dificulties in implimenting QR Code Tracking for my MRTK camera. Its working in Editor but not in Mobile.

My goal is simple. 

I am using MRTK in my project for spatial UI intreactions. So I needed to use its MRTK camera.

We have ARCamera in MAXST sdk which I dont want to use and not able to use. MAXST examples are working fine.

What I am trying to achive is ...Open App -> Login with microsoft account -> "Start Scan Menu" - here when you press start it should scan any QR code and place a 3D object on it. -> In these next step I am trying to click on 3d object to get its positions to place a Another Big model in that AR space. These big model contains lot of buttons and MRTK menus.

my conclution is I need QR code scanning at one point in  my and stop it ...(and a rescan if fail to load some info from my qr code data).

Please provide me an example script how to achive it. 

I will appreciate if we can connect though call and try to find a solutions. Once its works we are ready to buy a  once time pro licence right way.

Thank you for your support.