Posted Date: 2023-08-10 2:17     Edited Date: 2023-08-11 8:56     Writer: paco

Please provide your development details as below;

Unity console printed as below

DllNotFoundException: MaxstAR assembly:<unknown assembly> type:<unknown type> member:(null)

I'm running on Mac M1.

It occurred after the migration from Unity 2020, 

1. SDK Version: 4.1.4
2. Development Environment: (eg. Unity-Android, Unity-iOS, Native Android, Native iOS)

Unity 2021.3

3. Tracker/Scanner:
4. License Type(Free / Pro-One Time Fee / Pro-Subscription / Enterprise):

One Time
5. Target Device(Optional):

We can assist better if you attach screenshots of issues.

Posted Date: 2023-08-11 8:56     Edited Date: 2023-08-11 8:56     Writer: sejin

Thank you for your interest in MAXST AR SDK.

This is the same as the previous question, so I'll skip answering it.

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