I have a question about TrackerManager.GetInstance().DestroyTracker()
Posted Date: 2024-07-04 8:33     Edited Date: 2024-07-05 8:10     Writer: maxst.test.dev01

After using TrackerManager.GetInstance().DestroyTracker() because I want to switch 2dmap
GetInstance().DestroyTracker() and then set a new 2dmap, but it does not recognize the image.
Is there a solution?
By the way, the camera is working.

//Here is the source code

void async SetTracker(string packageFolderPath)
    List<string> filenames = GetFileName(packageFolderPath);

    TrackerManager.GetInstance().DestroyTracker(); //データ削除

     foreach (var item in filenames)
         TrackerManager.GetInstance().AddTrackerData(Path.Combine(packageFolderPath, item)); //set 2dmap

     await UniTask.WaitUntil(() => TrackerManager.GetInstance().IsTrackerDataLoadCompleted(), cancellationToken: ctsTrackerAdd.Token);

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Posted Date: 2024-07-05 8:10     Edited Date: 2024-07-05 8:10     Writer: sejin

Thank you for your interest in MAXST AR SDK.

Add the StartTracker function first.







Thank you.

Best regards,
MAXST Support Team