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DllNotFoundException: MaxstAR
Posted Date: 2019-11-21 11:51     Edited Date: 2019-11-22 9:27     Writer: dev

1. SDK Version:  4.1.4
2. Development Environment: (eg. Unity-Android, Unity-iOS, Native Android, Native iOS) Unity-Mac and Unity-iOS
3. Tracker/Scanner:
4. License Type(Free / Pro-One Time Fee / Pro-Subscription / Enterprise): Free
5. Target Device(Optional): 


I'm trying to run MaxstARSamples on my Mac with Catalina OS but get a Mac error " <<MaxstAR>> is damaged and can't be opened" and then a Unity error "DllNotFoundException: MaxstAR". While playing an example scene like "ImageTracker", the camera rendering is black and if I click the "Normal" button, I get the console message "library load disallowed by system policy" which seems to be a recurring problem with Mac Catalina.

Also samples are working on Windows 10/Unity 2019 and used to work on Mac Mojave OS/Unity 2018.

Is Catalina OS the problem ?


Posted Date: 2019-11-22 5:58     Edited Date: 2019-11-22 5:58     Writer: bhlee

The person who experienced the same phenomenon solved it with the following command. Please refer.

xattr -cr /.../Assets/Plugins/MaxstAR.bundle

This command fixed the error.

Thank you. 



Maxst Support Team

Posted Date: 2019-11-22 9:27     Edited Date: 2019-11-22 9:27     Writer: dev

It fixes the error. 

Thank you.