Target Manager

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Recommended Conditions for Target Images

Develop > Target Manager is a tool for managing augmented reality image targets on the web. If you trying to using MAXST AR SDK's Image Tracker function, you have to manage images on Target Manager. Target Manager is optimized for Chrome browser.

Create Target Group

Target Group is a folder of image targets.

TM 첫 페이지

Create a target group and write the target group name. The target group name must be unique.

Upload Target Image

You can upload the target. Supports JPG, PNG image format, and can only upload files of 3MB or less.

TG으로 진입한 화면

Upload an image to use as a target. The name of the target cannot be duplicated within a target group. Default target name is the name of image file. You can edit the target name. If the file name is longer than 20 characters, you have to write down the name.

업로드 팝업

Target Download

Select the target to be used in augmented reality software and download it. Select the SDK version and OS you want to use and download it.

다운로드 팝업

It takes a few minutes. Because the server's learning machine that matches the selected SDK version need some time to learn. It will be stored in the default download folder that you set in your browser.