Epson BT-350 with Object Tracker
Posted Date: 2021-10-06 13:52     Edited Date: 2021-10-08 9:06     Writer: inactive

Please provide your development details as below;

1. SDK Version: 5.0.4.
2. Development Environment: Unity-Android,Native Android
3. Tracker/Scanner: Object Tracker
4. License Type: Pro-Subscription
5. Target Device(Optional): Epson Moverio BT-350

Hello, can you give me an example of an Object Tracker whith BT-350 (AR Glasses) ?

The object tracker works, but the projection for each eye is totally wrong. Can you at least give me an insight on this?

Thank you.

Posted Date: 2021-10-07 2:12     Edited Date: 2021-10-07 2:12     Writer: sjkim

Thank you for your interest in MAXST.


Please use a MAXST Wearable Calibration app for fixed a projection issue.


MAXST Wearable Calibration App is a tool for calibrating the Epson Moverio BT-300, 350.

After the calibration process, you can see objects in a more precise position.


After printing out Instructions, download the apk file and install the MAXST Wearable Calibration App on your smart glasses.

Please make sure to print out the target image at 100% scale so as for the width of it to be 25cm.


Refer to link blow


If you have related the MAXST SDK questions, feel free to ask.


Best regards,


MAXST Support Team

Posted Date: 2021-10-07 10:59     Edited Date: 2021-10-07 10:59     Writer: inactive

Hello again,

I know about the calibration tool, I have already calibrated my glasses (and used it for different profiles), but the problem remains when using the object tracker.

On the image tracker tha tracking is good.

So, is there a tutorial - documentation for using the object tracker with the Epson glasses?

If no, can you please assist me (either for unity or for android native)?

Thank you very much,


Posted Date: 2021-10-08 1:12     Edited Date: 2021-10-08 1:13     Writer: sjkim

The tutorial -  documentation describes how to develop the Optical See-Through display app.

It allows the user to see what is shown on the smart glasses screen while still being able to see through it (without the background of the camera).


Image Tracker is supported with Optical See-Through display whereas all trackers are supported with Video See-Through display.

So, please refer to the Unity setup guide below to develop your Video See-Through display app.


If you have related the MAXST SDK questions, feel free to ask.


Best regards,


MAXST Support Team

Posted Date: 2021-10-08 9:06     Edited Date: 2021-10-08 9:06     Writer: inactive

OK, so can you help me giving directions about the Epson Glasses.

Here, you have an example but in comments I don't know what to do.


// BT-300 screen is splited in half size, but R-7 screen is doubled.
            if (WearableManager.GetInstance().GetDeviceController().IsSideBySideType() == true)
                // Do something here. For example resize gui to fit ratio

Can you help me out?