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Release Note

Version 5.0.6

Bug Fixed            
All QR Code bug fixed
All FusionTracker bug fixed


Version 5.0.5

Bug Fixes
Unity ARCore bug fixed
iOS SwiftMetal(Sampel)-Object Tracker fixed


Version 5.0.4

Bug Fixes
All AR Core bug fixed

MAXSTARSDK_Unity_5.0.4.unityPackage (160MB) (60MB) (178MB)

Version 5.0.3

All - Calibration Data added
- iOS optimized
Bug Fixes
Unity AR Core bug fixed
Android AR Core bug fixed

MAXSTARSDK_Unity_5.0.3.unityPackage (160MB) (60MB) (178MB)

Version 5.0.2

All 30 devices are added on camera calibrated device list.
- Tracking accuracy of Image, QR, Marker tracker is enhanced for camera calibrated devices
Bug Fixes
All Fix camera Bugs on Mac

MAXSTARSDK_Unity_5.0.2.unityPackage (160MB) (60MB) (178MB)

Version 5.0.1

All Notarized SDK macOS version to allow gatekeeper (Catalina)
- Changed Fusion Tracker Start Tracker code
Bug Fixes                       
All Fixed camera issue when using Fusion Tracker on iPad 6 (160MB) (60MB) (178MB)

Version 5.0.0

All Add MAXST AR Fusion Tracker
- Support iOS 60fps camera input. (160MB) (60MB) (178MB)

Version 4.1.4

Bug fixes
All - Fixed forced termination bug in Object Tracker (217MB) (56MB) (201MB)

Version 4.1.3

iOS - Added calibration data for iPad
Bug fixes
Unity - Fixed a bug (228MB) (59MB) (210MB)

Version 4.1.2

All - Support Unity 2019
Bug Fixes
Android Fixed Android SetNewFrame Issue
Unity Fixed a function name collision issue in Unity (We recommend a backup before you proceed) (228MB) (83MB) (210MB)

Version 4.1.1

All - Support setNewFrame() API in Free license
- Add setZoom() sample codes in Marker Tracker Sample
- Add Jitter Reduction Mode in Instant Tracker
- Add Multiple image Upload feature in Target Manager
- Add Multiple Image Upload Web API in Target Manager
Android - Support Android 64bit Build
- Support Android x86 Build (Epson Moverio Glasses)
Unity - Support Android Split APK (OBB)
- Add setZoom() and getMaxZoomValue() API
Bug fixes
All - Fix the memory leak of Object Tracker
- Fix the crash issue while creating a map in Visual SLAM Tool
- Fix scale difference between Enhanced and Normal Mode of Marker Tracker

Version 4.1.0

All - Add Visual SLAM Tool app for object scanning.
- Add new Object Tracker which can be used with Visual SLAM Tool.
- Supports multi Map load in New Object Tracker.
- Add QR Code Tracker.
- Add Enhanced Tracking mode in Marker Tracker.
- Add camera zoom in and out interfaces.
Unity - Shows Pin UI to enhance Object Tracker authoring UX.

Version 4.0.4

Bug fixes
Unity - Fix Map Viewer of Object Tracker to register between a 3D Object and a 3dmap

Version 4.0.3

Bug Fixes
Unity - Fix the android crash issue in Unity 2018.3

Version 4.0.2

All - Add the on/off option with respect to automatic recognition in cloud recognition.
Bug fixes
Unity - Fix UV Coordinate of Mesh of Map Viewer

Version 4.0.1

Bug Fixes
All - Fix the error when localization in the image tracker.
Unity - Remove unsafety codes.

Version 4.0.0

- Add development web pages for Cloud Recognition.
- Add Cloud Recognizer for Cloud Recognition
- Add relocalization functionality and improve tracking performance of Instant Tracker.
- Add Instant training functionality for Image Tracker.
- Improve world position accuracy of getWorldPositionFromScreenCoordinate of Object Tracker.
- Add getHeight() function of Trackable.
Unity - Support only Unity x64
- Remove MaxstARUnityWrapper.dll in Plugins folder
Android - Do not support Moverio BT-200

Version 3.5.2

Unity - Fixed an issue that some Android devices do not work properly in camera drawing.
Android - Support Camera 2 API.
- Support x86 library for smart glasses that using x86 CPU like MOVERIO.

Version 3.5.1

Bug Fixes
All - Fixed a bug with Instant Tracker: getting slow down occasionally or setting a wrong pose when tracking in a featureless environment.
Unity - Removed an error log message when building an app for smart glasses with an optical see-through mode.
- Fixed a bug with camera image errors in the specific Android devices.
- Fixed a bug with the sync of camera images and tracking results.

Version 3.5.0

- Remove OpenGL dependency in rendering.
- Support iOS Metal and provide samples.
- Support iOS SceneKit and provide samples.
- Add Marker Tracker.
- Add jitter reduction option in Marker and Image Tracker.
- Support rendering of video streaming data.
- Support Full HD (1920x1080) camera input in all Trackers.
- Improve recognition performance of multi-target tracking in Image Tracker.
- Improve speed and tracking performance of Instant Tracker.
Bug fixes
Unity - Resolve a problem when an image of Image Tracker is dragged and dropped in Unity 2017.

Version 3.4.2

Bug fixes
All - Fix a camera crash when changing camera parameters.
- Fix a skewed tree problem when loading a large number of 2dmaps.

Version 3.4.1

All - Add the functionality dealing with multi-map(up to 3) in Object Tracker.
Unity - Remove funtionality supporting Google VR mode.
Bug fixes
Android - Fix a run-time error in ODG-R7.

Version 3.4.0

All - The support for the Epson Moverio BT-350 calibration.
iOS - The interface and sample code for the Swift4 support
Bug fixes
Unity - The fix for the error that occurs when the Image Tracker file path is set the same as the download path.

Version 3.3.1

Bug fixes
All - Fixed a bug that the smart glasses calibration data scale doesn't match with the target image of Image Tracker.

Version 3.3.0

All - Add updateTrackingState function in TrackerManager class.
- Remove ImageExtractor class. Use getImage fucntion of TrackingState class instead.
Unity - Support virtual really setting of Unity player settings.
Android - Support see-through glasses. (BT-200, BT-300, ODG-R7, Vuzix M300)
- Add see-trough device stereo rendering sample.
Bug fixes
All - Fix memory leaks.
Unity - Fix camera background rendering problem when using particle.

Version 3.2.0

All - Add auto white balance lock API to CameraDevice class (Useful on ODG-R7 glasses. Only support android device.)
- Add camera parameter setting API to CameraDevice class (Only support android device.)
- Add video background flip API to CameraDevice class. - Add camera configuration sample. (Flash light, background video flip, white balance, focus mode)
Android - Change sample code build settings for Android studio 3.0.

Version 3.1.0

Enhance instant tracker performance.
All -Add flash light on/off setting to CameraDevice class.
-Remove TrackerMask enum.
-Add TrackerType int values to TrackerManager class.
-Add onResume, onPause, onSurfaceCreated, onSurfaceChanged, setScreenOrientation to MaxstAR class.
Unity - Change to ARCamera's directon(-Y facing) and position(0, 2.5, 0)
- Add world center mode setting in ARCamera.
- Change ImageTrackingOption enum to TrackingOption and moves its declaration from MaxstARUtil.cs to TrackerManager.cs.
- Move CameraType enum declaration from MaxstARUtils.cs to CameraDevice.cs.
- Remove screen orientation setting for augmented object in Instant tracker sample.
Android - Remove screen orientation setting for augmented object in Instant tracker sample.
- Change to in sample code.
- Remove initRendering, deinitRendering, setScreenOrientation, getProjectoinMatrix and getBackgroundPlaneMatrix methods from
- Add getProjectoinMatrix, getBackgroundPlaneMatrix to
iOS - Move TrackingOption enum declaration from Types.h to TrackerManager.h.
- Remove initRendering, deinitRendering, setScreenOrientation, getProjectoinMatrix and getBackgroundPlaneMatrix function from BackgroundRenderer.cpp.
- Add getProjectoinMatrix, getBackgroundPlaneMatrix to CameraDevice.h.
Bug fixes
Unity - Fixed augmented object size is not correct if image target's real width is not equal to 1.
- Fixed camera background rendering problem when Mask component added to UGUI.
All - Fixed instant tracker issue on some tablet devices.

Version 3.0.3

Type Bugfixes / Features SDK Download
All · Fixed a bug with initial pose in Visual SLAM.
Android · Fixed a bug when loading map file. (22.2MB)
iOS N/A (35.5MB)
Unity N/A MAXSTARSDK_Unity_3.0.3.unityPackage (58.8MB)

Version 3.0.2

Type Bugfixes / Features SDK Download
All · Fixed an issue when entering the license key.
Android N/A (22.2MB)
iOS N/A (41.7MB)
Unity N/A MAXSTARSDK_Unity_3.0.2.unityPackage (142MB)

Version 3.0.1

Type Bugfixes / Features SDK Download
All · Fixed an bug with sync between camera and tracker.
· Fixed an issue that scale between Visual SLAM and Object Tracker did not match.
Android N/A (22.2MB)
iOS · Fixed an issue that the permission is not asked when starting camera.
· Support for bit-code. (41.7MB)
Unity N/A MAXSTARSDK_Unity_3.0.1.unityPackage (142MB)

Version 3.0.0

Type Bugfixes / Features SDK Download
All · First release.
Android N/A (22.1MB)
iOS N/A (21.2MB)
Unity N/A MAXSTARSDK_Unity_3.0.0.unityPackage (92.9MB)