Release Note

Version 6.2.1

Unity - Apple Universal dylib Support
Bug Fixes
All - FusionTracker bug fix
- ObjectTracker bug fix
- SpaceTracker bug fix



Version 6.2.0

Unity - Apple Silicon Bundle Support
- Improve sample content
- Improve SpaceTracker UI
Bug Fixes
All - Cloud Recognizer bug fix
- ObjectTracker bug fix
- SapceTracker bug fix
Unity - ImageTracker UI bug fix
Android - LicenseKey(32bit) bug fix



Version 6.1.0

Bug Fixed            
All - Improved recognition performance for Object Tracker, Object Fusion Tracker, and Space Tracker
- Added Package File Load feature.



Version 6.0.1

Bug Fixed            
Unity Object Tracker bug fix.
Nreal Light bug fix.



Version 6.0.0

Bug Fixed            
All Space Fusion Tracker add.
Nreal Light Support.


Version 5.0.7

Bug Fixed            
Android Recent Android OS crash bug fixed
iOS 3D contents from iOS SceneKit Sample fixed to display properly


Version 5.0.6

Bug Fixed            
All QR Code bug fixed
All FusionTracker bug fixed


Version 5.0.5

Bug Fixes
Unity ARCore bug fixed
iOS SwiftMetal(Sampel)-Object Tracker fixed


Version 5.0.4

Bug Fixes
All AR Core bug fixed

MAXSTARSDK_Unity_5.0.4.unityPackage (160MB) (60MB) (178MB)

Version 5.0.3

All - Calibration Data added
- iOS optimized
Bug Fixes
Unity AR Core bug fixed
Android AR Core bug fixed

MAXSTARSDK_Unity_5.0.3.unityPackage (160MB) (60MB) (178MB)

Version 5.0.2

All 30 devices are added on camera calibrated device list.
- Tracking accuracy of Image, QR, Marker tracker is enhanced for camera calibrated devices
Bug Fixes
All Fix camera Bugs on Mac

MAXSTARSDK_Unity_5.0.2.unityPackage (160MB) (60MB) (178MB)

Version 5.0.1

All Notarized SDK macOS version to allow gatekeeper (Catalina)
- Changed Fusion Tracker Start Tracker code
Bug Fixes                       
All Fixed camera issue when using Fusion Tracker on iPad 6 (160MB) (60MB) (178MB)

Version 5.0.0

All Add MAXST AR Fusion Tracker
- Support iOS 60fps camera input. (160MB) (60MB) (178MB)

Version 4.1.4

Bug fixes
All - Fixed forced termination bug in Object Tracker (217MB) (56MB) (201MB)

Version 4.1.3

iOS - Added calibration data for iPad
Bug fixes
Unity - Fixed a bug (228MB) (59MB) (210MB)

Version 4.1.2

All - Support Unity 2019
Bug Fixes
Android Fixed Android SetNewFrame Issue
Unity Fixed a function name collision issue in Unity (We recommend a backup before you proceed) (228MB) (83MB) (210MB)

Version 4.1.1

All - Support setNewFrame() API in Free license
- Add setZoom() sample codes in Marker Tracker Sample
- Add Jitter Reduction Mode in Instant Tracker
- Add Multiple image Upload feature in Target Manager
- Add Multiple Image Upload Web API in Target Manager
Android - Support Android 64bit Build
- Support Android x86 Build (Epson Moverio Glasses)
Unity - Support Android Split APK (OBB)
- Add setZoom() and getMaxZoomValue() API
Bug fixes
All - Fix the memory leak of Object Tracker
- Fix the crash issue while creating a map in Visual SLAM Tool
- Fix scale difference between Enhanced and Normal Mode of Marker Tracker

Version 4.1.0

All - Add Visual SLAM Tool app for object scanning.
- Add new Object Tracker which can be used with Visual SLAM Tool.
- Supports multi Map load in New Object Tracker.
- Add QR Code Tracker.
- Add Enhanced Tracking mode in Marker Tracker.
- Add camera zoom in and out interfaces.
Unity - Shows Pin UI to enhance Object Tracker authoring UX.

Version 4.0.4

Bug fixes
Unity - Fix Map Viewer of Object Tracker to register between a 3D Object and a 3dmap

Version 4.0.3

Bug Fixes
Unity - Fix the android crash issue in Unity 2018.3

Version 4.0.2

All - Add the on/off option with respect to automatic recognition in cloud recognition.
Bug fixes
Unity - Fix UV Coordinate of Mesh of Map Viewer

Version 4.0.1

Bug Fixes
All - Fix the error when localization in the image tracker.
Unity - Remove unsafety codes.

Version 4.0.0

- Add development web pages for Cloud Recognition.
- Add Cloud Recognizer for Cloud Recognition
- Add relocalization functionality and improve tracking performance of Instant Tracker.
- Add Instant training functionality for Image Tracker.
- Improve world position accuracy of getWorldPositionFromScreenCoordinate of Object Tracker.
- Add getHeight() function of Trackable.
Unity - Support only Unity x64
- Remove MaxstARUnityWrapper.dll in Plugins folder
Android - Do not support Moverio BT-200

Version 3.5.2

Unity - Fixed an issue that some Android devices do not work properly in camera drawing.
Android - Support Camera 2 API.
- Support x86 library for smart glasses that using x86 CPU like MOVERIO.

Version 3.5.1

Bug Fixes
All - Fixed a bug with Instant Tracker: getting slow down occasionally or setting a wrong pose when tracking in a featureless environment.
Unity - Removed an error log message when building an app for smart glasses with an optical see-through mode.
- Fixed a bug with camera image errors in the specific Android devices.
- Fixed a bug with the sync of camera images and tracking results.

Version 3.5.0

- Remove OpenGL dependency in rendering.
- Support iOS Metal and provide samples.
- Support iOS SceneKit and provide samples.
- Add Marker Tracker.
- Add jitter reduction option in Marker and Image Tracker.
- Support rendering of video streaming data.
- Support Full HD (1920x1080) camera input in all Trackers.
- Improve recognition performance of multi-target tracking in Image Tracker.
- Improve speed and tracking performance of Instant Tracker.
Bug fixes
Unity - Resolve a problem when an image of Image Tracker is dragged and dropped in Unity 2017.

Version 3.4.2

Bug fixes
All - Fix a camera crash when changing camera parameters.
- Fix a skewed tree problem when loading a large number of 2dmaps.

Version 3.4.1

All - Add the functionality dealing with multi-map(up to 3) in Object Tracker.
Unity - Remove funtionality supporting Google VR mode.
Bug fixes
Android - Fix a run-time error in ODG-R7.

Version 3.4.0

All - The support for the Epson Moverio BT-350 calibration.
iOS - The interface and sample code for the Swift4 support
Bug fixes
Unity - The fix for the error that occurs when the Image Tracker file path is set the same as the download path.

Version 3.3.1

Bug fixes
All - Fixed a bug that the smart glasses calibration data scale doesn't match with the target image of Image Tracker.

Version 3.3.0

All - Add updateTrackingState function in TrackerManager class.
- Remove ImageExtractor class. Use getImage fucntion of TrackingState class instead.
Unity - Support virtual really setting of Unity player settings.
Android - Support see-through glasses. (BT-200, BT-300, ODG-R7, Vuzix M300)
- Add see-trough device stereo rendering sample.
Bug fixes
All - Fix memory leaks.
Unity - Fix camera background rendering problem when using particle.

Version 3.2.0

All - Add auto white balance lock API to CameraDevice class (Useful on ODG-R7 glasses. Only support android device.)
- Add camera parameter setting API to CameraDevice class (Only support android device.)
- Add video background flip API to CameraDevice class. - Add camera configuration sample. (Flash light, background video flip, white balance, focus mode)
Android - Change sample code build settings for Android studio 3.0.

Version 3.1.0

Enhance instant tracker performance.
All -Add flash light on/off setting to CameraDevice class.
-Remove TrackerMask enum.
-Add TrackerType int values to TrackerManager class.
-Add onResume, onPause, onSurfaceCreated, onSurfaceChanged, setScreenOrientation to MaxstAR class.
Unity - Change to ARCamera's directon(-Y facing) and position(0, 2.5, 0)
- Add world center mode setting in ARCamera.
- Change ImageTrackingOption enum to TrackingOption and moves its declaration from MaxstARUtil.cs to TrackerManager.cs.
- Move CameraType enum declaration from MaxstARUtils.cs to CameraDevice.cs.
- Remove screen orientation setting for augmented object in Instant tracker sample.
Android - Remove screen orientation setting for augmented object in Instant tracker sample.
- Change to in sample code.
- Remove initRendering, deinitRendering, setScreenOrientation, getProjectoinMatrix and getBackgroundPlaneMatrix methods from
- Add getProjectoinMatrix, getBackgroundPlaneMatrix to
iOS - Move TrackingOption enum declaration from Types.h to TrackerManager.h.
- Remove initRendering, deinitRendering, setScreenOrientation, getProjectoinMatrix and getBackgroundPlaneMatrix function from BackgroundRenderer.cpp.
- Add getProjectoinMatrix, getBackgroundPlaneMatrix to CameraDevice.h.
Bug fixes
Unity - Fixed augmented object size is not correct if image target's real width is not equal to 1.
- Fixed camera background rendering problem when Mask component added to UGUI.
All - Fixed instant tracker issue on some tablet devices.

Version 3.0.3

Type Bugfixes / Features SDK Download
All · Fixed a bug with initial pose in Visual SLAM.
Android · Fixed a bug when loading map file. (22.2MB)
iOS N/A (35.5MB)
Unity N/A MAXSTARSDK_Unity_3.0.3.unityPackage (58.8MB)

Version 3.0.2

Type Bugfixes / Features SDK Download
All · Fixed an issue when entering the license key.
Android N/A (22.2MB)
iOS N/A (41.7MB)
Unity N/A MAXSTARSDK_Unity_3.0.2.unityPackage (142MB)

Version 3.0.1

Type Bugfixes / Features SDK Download
All · Fixed an bug with sync between camera and tracker.
· Fixed an issue that scale between Visual SLAM and Object Tracker did not match.
Android N/A (22.2MB)
iOS · Fixed an issue that the permission is not asked when starting camera.
· Support for bit-code. (41.7MB)
Unity N/A MAXSTARSDK_Unity_3.0.1.unityPackage (142MB)

Version 3.0.0

Type Bugfixes / Features SDK Download
All · First release.
Android N/A (22.1MB)
iOS N/A (21.2MB)
Unity N/A MAXSTARSDK_Unity_3.0.0.unityPackage (92.9MB)