When you are ready to deploy your app, you have to select a proper license type, and we will issue a license key. You have to put the key into your code.

MAXST AR SDK has 4 license types.

Type Description
Free Watermark, Non-commercial use only
Pro - One time fee One-time payment, SDK updates not included
Pro - Subscription Yearly subscription, SDK updates included
Enterprise For big AR projects, Please contact us first

Please refer to Pricing for more detailed pricing information.

MAXST AR SDK requires a license key to work properly. One License is associated with one app ID. There is a possibility that license key value needs to be changed with SDK update.

You can build sample apps with our Examples(Unity, Android, iOS) sample code. Sample app has an app ID and a trial license key by default.

※ App ID means Android's Package Name or Apple's Bundle ID. You can share a license across platforms, which means if the App ID is identical, you can release the app on both AppStore and Google Play.

To get the license key, please refer to License Manager.