MAXST AR SDK VS Vuforia SDK Comparison

This video shows a performance comparison of image tracking and instant tracking between MAXST AR SDK and Vuforia SDK. We have taken several tests in various challenging conditions for accurate comparison and here these are the results.

Image Tracking

  • Targeting image in various distances and angles - Vuforia has lost target when the camera is far from the target image.
  • Covering the image - both showed a similar result.
  • Bending the image backward and forward - Vuforia had higher jittering.

Instant Tracking

  • Targeting various distances and angles - only Maxst AR SDK robustly tracks target in short and far distances both.
  • Covering the space - Vuforia stops tracking as soon as the space is covered by a piece of paper while Maxst keeps tracking.
  • Low features environment - Vuforia completely lost tracking under low feature environment.