We are happy to announce that MAXST AR SDK v4.0 with Cloud Recognition service is just released with great other features. Check it out what you can do with them.


Cloud Recognition Service launched & improved performance of Instant Tracker

Updated Features

  1. Add Cloud Recognizer for Cloud Recognition Service.
    We now provide cloud-based image recognition services for projects that require massive target images and frequent data updates. Since there is no limit to the number of images that can be recognized, and the number of recognition can be freely added as needed, it enables customized designs according to project characteristics.

  2. Improved Instant Tracker's Tracking Performance
    WIth sensor-based algorithm enhancements and added relocalization functionality, the tracking performance of Instant Tracker is remarkably improved.

  3. Add Instant training functionality for Image Tracker
    This is an added feature for training and tracking target images directly on mobile without offline training process through the Target Manager on the MAXST Developer Site.

For more of the update details, please refer to Release Note.