The new MAXST AR SDK v4.1 is just released with great features. Check it out what you can do with them.

  • Visual SLAM Tool app is released
  • QR Code Tracker function is added
  • Marker Tracker - Enhanced mode is added
  • Camera zoom in/out interface is available
  • Object Tracker performance is improved
Added Function
  1. Visual SLAM Tool app
  • Visual SLAM Tool app is designed to help you to map medium scale (0.3m - 1.5m size) 3D object and space.
  • Provides Bounding Box UI to specify training area.
  • Provides Pin UI to indicate where you want to augment 3D content.
  1. QR Code Tracker

    The QR Code Tracker recognizes and tracks QR code. You can augment 3D contents on the QR code.

  2. Marker Tracker - Enhanced mode

    With Enhanced mode, Marker Tracker recognizes specific marker first. It keeps track of far distance marker robustly.

  3. Camera Zoom in/out interface available

Improved Function
  1. Object Tracker's Tracking Performance
  • Highly adaptive to the environment, it keeps track of the object robustly even when the environment in the camera view changes or when the camera lens is occluded for a moment.
  • Supports multi map(Up to 3 maps) load and tracking.

For more details about updates, please refer to Release Note.