MAXST AR SDK 3.5 released!

The new MAXST AR SDK v3.5.0 is just released with great features. Check it out what you can do with them.


Supported iOS Metal and SceneKit & Added Marker Tracker Function

Updated Features

  1. Support iOS Metal and SceneKit & Provide Sample Codes
  • You now have more options to set graphics with separated rendering engine (not only OpenGL).
  1. Added Marker Tracker Function
  • Possible to use upto 8,192 targets.
  1. Support Video Streaming
  • You can augment the video from a URL as a streaming content.
  1. Added Jittering Option
  • A new selective option to minimize jittering depends on the user environment.
  1. Support Full HD (1920x1080) Video Input

  2. Improved Image Tracker - Recognition and Tracking of Multi-target

  3. Improved Instant Tracker’s General Performance

For more of the update details, please refer to Release Note.