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MAXST AR SDK is an AR engine for developing augmented reality apps. This all-in-one solution has all the features you will ever need when developing augmented reality apps, including seven key features of the SDK for recognizing and tracking 2D images and 3D spaces, as well as a cloud server-based image recognition feature.


  • Image Tracker
    The Image Tracker recognizes and tracks planar target images. Videos including transparent ones as well as 3D models and animations can be rendered based on them.

  • Instant Tracker
    The Instant Tracker finds a planar surface in the camera frame and continues to scan the surroundings. You can place 3D objects in alignment with the surface.

  • Marker Tracker
    The content can be augmented on markers with regular patterns. MAXST provides 8,192 unique markers.

  • Object Tracker
    The Object Tracker loads up map files created with Visual SLAM Tool and superimposes AR experiences on them.

  • QR Code Tracker
    By recognizing / tracking QR Code, you can augment the information of QR Code used in real life, the URL link button using this information, the 3D model, or image.

  • QR/Barcode Reader
    The QR/Barcode Reader recognizes QR codes and Barcodes.

  • Cloud Recognizer
    Cloud Recognizer provides cloud-based image recognition features for projects that require large amounts of target images and frequent data updates.

Sample Code and License

The sample code provided by MAXST AR SDK is assigned with a matching app ID and a default trial license key for that app ID.

For full-fledged development, you are required to enter an individual license key. Choose a license that matches the nature of the app that you want to develop. Licenses provided by MAXST can be found under Pricing.

MAXST AR SDK includes a built-in cloud recognition feature. In order to take advantage of this feature, you are required to purchase a cloud license separately from the SDK and enter the license keys. Cloud licenses provided by MAXST can be found under Pricing.


    MAXST AR SDK supports a variety of platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS. In addition, you can easily develop augmented reality apps by downloading Unity 3D Plugin format Download > SDK.

  • License Manager

    License Manager is a tool that adds and manages the license keys required to distribute the augmented reality software developed with the MAXST AR SDK. Cloud license keys for leveraging cloud recognition can also be added and managed with the License Manager. Sign in and choose your preferred license. For more information, see License Manager.

  • Target Manager

    Target Manager is divided into two parts, namely, Local Target Manager, which is a target image management tool for the implementation of the Image Tracker function of MAXST AR SDK, and Cloud Target Manager, which is a target image management tool used for cloud recognition function. Target Manager is linked with the license; therefore, you are required to use Target Manager for the license you chose. For more information, check Target Manager.

  • Visual SLAM Tool App

    MAXST Visual SLAM Tool app is a 3D object/space mapping tool that ensures more convenient utilization of Visual SLAM and Object Tracker functions of MAXST AR SDK. For more information, see Download > Visual SLAM Tool App.


    Map files created with the Visual SLAM Tool are only available in SDK version 4.1.x or later. If you are using SDK version 4.0.x or earlier, please use MAXST AR Map Manager.

  • Demo APP

    The Main features and performance of MAXST AR SDK can be found by downloading the MAXST AR Demo App. Check now at Download > Demo App.


    We are preparing for Marker Tracker, QR Code Tracker feature in Demo App.

Get Started

This explains how to set up various platform-specific development environments, register license keys, check the examples by functions, and apply them step by step. Please follow the guidelines.