MapPackager is a program that packages multiple maps. By packaging multiple maps, you can greatly improve loading and recognition speeds.

Download the app

Download > Tools > MapPackager to download MapPackager. MapPackager supports Windows, MacOS.

How to use

  1. Create a map using the appropriate map creation tool for your Tracker.
  • Image Tracker packages (2dpkg) can be packaged as 2dmap created in TargetManager.
  • Object Tracker packages (3dmap) can be packaged as 3dmaps generated by Visual Slam Tool 5.1.0 or later.
  • Space Tracker packages (mmap) can be packaged as mmaps generated by Maxscan 1.1.0 or later.
  1. Launch Command Prompt or Terminal, navigate to the path where MapPackager is located, and enter the commands below to package your maps.
  • Image Tracker
MapPackager -ip [2dmaps_folder_path] [outputPackageName]

ex) MapPackager -ip /2dmaps imagepackage

> output: /2dmaps/imagepackage.2dpkg
  • Object Tracker
MapPackager -op [3dmaps_folder_path] [outputPackageName]

ex) MapPackager -op /3dmaps objectpackage

> output: /3dmaps/objectpackage.3dpkg
  • Space Tracker
MapPackager -sp [mmaps_folder_path] [outputPackageName]

ex) MapPackager -sp /mmaps spacepackage

> output: /mmaps/spacepackage.mmpkg

All maps in the map folder path will be packaged, and a package file will be created in the map folder path. You can see how it works by typing just "MapPackager".

For MacOS, you need to give MapPackager permission to run.

Supported versions


  • Packages created with MapPackager can be used with ImageTracker, ObjectTracker, and SpaceTracker with SDK version 6.2.x or later.

  • Cannot be packaged with maps created in Visual Slam Tool 5.0 or earlier, and MAXSCAN 1.0.