MAXST AR SDK is an all-in-one AR engine for developing augmented reality applications, which includes 5 key functions as below.

  1. Image Tracker

    The Image Tracker recognizes and tracks planar target images. Videos including transparent ones as well as 3D models and animations can be rendered based on them.

  2. Instant Tracker

    The Instant Tracker finds a planar surface in the camera frame and continues to scan the surroundings. You can place 3D objects in alignment with the surface.

  3. Visual SLAM

    The Visual SLAM(Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) creates and saves 3 dimensional maps of target spaces for more exquisite AR project.

  4. Object Tracker

    The Object Tracker loads up map files created and saved with Visual SLAM and superimposes AR experiences on them.

  5. QR/Barcode Scanner

    The QR/Barcode Scanner recognizes barcodes and QR codes.

You can build a sample app with our Examples(Android, iOS, Unity) sample code. A sample app has an app ID and a trial license key by default. But when you are ready to deploy an augmented reality app built with MAXST AR SDK, you have to select a license type and put the key into your code. You can find the various license options in Pricing page.



    MAXST AR SDK supports multiple platforms including Android, iOS , Mac OS and Windows. The Unity plug-in formats are also available. MAXST AR SDK is always free to download. Download the one that best fits your need at the Download > SDK page.

  2. License Manager

    The License Manager is a tool that allows you to create and manage license keys. You can find detailed information in Documentation > License Manager.

  3. Target Manager

    The Target Manager is a tool to register and manage target images for Image Tracker. You can find detailed information in Documentation > Target Manager.

  4. Map Manager App

    The Map Manager App is a mobile application designed to help you with 3D space mapping procedure for Visual SLAM and Object tracker. You can download one for each platform respectively at Download page. Please refer to Documentation > Map Managerfor more detailed information.

You can try all the functions of MAXST AR SDK with MAXST AR Demo App without writing a single line of code. Download it now at Download > Demo App.

Get started

This guide will show you the few quick steps you need to take to get your AR project started with MAXST AR SDK, including how to set up, manage license keys, and apply samples of each function to your project.